Saturday 21st August 2021 Free Horse Racing Tips



August 21 , 2021 | Posted by thebetcommunity |

Saturday 21st August 2021 Free Horse Racing Tips

When we started TheBetCommunity we had three people running things. Due to work commitments it is now only myself who runs the website and Twitter page. I’m sure you can appreciate it takes up a lot of my time. My plan is to continue as a free tipster. I enjoy researching my selections and providing winners for all of you guys. I know by the direct messages and emails I receive that there are plenty of you who appreciate my efforts and if you wish to buy me a beer then you can do so by clicking the yellow box. You are under no obligation to do so, it’s completely your choice. Thanks in advance.


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From the 14th October 2020 I decided to base my horse racing tips around stats/results from the last five years. This was not because my horse racing tips weren’t profitable, it’s just I am always looking for ways to make more money out of gambling. I invested some time into finding a website that allows me to study the statistical side of racing and now I’ve created a system where I will back only horses that fit this system. I will do this for at least six months before deciding whether to carry it on, or revert back to my previous ways. If anyone has any questions or if anyone wants more details regarding the system then I’ll be more than happy to reply on Twitter.

I recommend you start each month with a pot of £150.


(Today's Racing Tips)


1:45 – Shirrocoville 10/3 – £5 win ☑️


4:20 – Solent Gateway 3/1 – £5 win ☑️


5:05 – Night Eagle 7/2 – £5 win ☑️