What You Said

When you give out a winning bet it must give you such a great feeling knowing that so many people have won also. Long may you reign!
Nigel Hill, @smurfy1962
Cashed out £336, now I can sit back & relax. Cheers @TheBetCommunity, £311 profit. Merry Christmas!
Harvey Stitch, @HarveyStitch
Unreal the consistency and absolute class of these guys. If you don’t follow you are mad & poor, absolute class mate.
Shaun Greenwood, @allblackfan73
Great tip today, bet a ‘score’ and all 3 results came in. Love the way you justify tips, easy money.
Steven Pidding, @freddiecamp
Thanks mate, you just made me €200. Please keep the tips flowing, love you mate!
Michel Tony, @michel_03200
Why thank you @TheBetCommunity, certainly makes watching the games more intense.
Calvin David, @bigC_85
Well played from start to finish, great picks and profits. I will be making this a regular follow, thanks.
Paul G, @madforret
Nice one again. Had some nice winners in 2014, more of the same in 2015. Happy New Year.
Billy Musty, @billymusty
Your consistency is just mind boggling, great job as always!
Steven Torres, @StevenT14068795
The only accumulator I’ve seen win on Twitter today!
Thesney, @therealthesney
You are a small god, I just wish I could get you a beer!
Okoronkwo Kelvin, @Byko99
Someone call the fire brigade. @TheBetCommunity is on fire again!
Ishy, @LFCishy1972
Another win to start the day, cheers to @TheBetCommunity again haha!
Marcus Longdon, @MarcusLongdon
Thanks for the advice, added a few of my own aswell.
Charlie Laughton, @Laughtoncw
Credit where it’s due, you guys are on fire. Big thanks for my mulla.
Titto K Antony, @TK_Antony
Great form mate, good reasoning behind the bets. Like the wee daily trebles, long may it continue!
Chris Kelly, @chriskelzy
You guys are legends, cheers for the great wake up!
Daniel Verrell, @Daniel_JVerrell
Another winner @TheBetCommunity – Unbelievable!!!
Tom O'Hara, @tomohSUFC